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We're Passionate About Improving Dementia Care

Customized, Interactive & Competency Based Dementia/Alzheimer's Training

We are a team of experienced Senior professionals dedicated to improving the quality of care for people living with dementia. We help organizations deliver outstanding person-centered dementia care to their residents and clients by providing dementia training, consulting and support. We exceed State and CMS/Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services, Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Regulations for Dementia Training.  Since 2003 we have worked in dementia care while caring for our own family members living with the challenge of Dementia. We offer real world experience and knowledge in everything we do.

Customized Training

Training is customized to meet the specific need of your staff. Our team includes Independent Certified Teepa Snow ~ Positive Approach To Care ™ Trainers.

Our training is practical and realistic, relating directly to the day-to-day role of participants, focusing on what they can put into practice. We use a variety of teaching methods to engage and stimulate participants and tap into their varied adult learning styles and experience.

By encouraging your employees to learn and grow through an investment in training you are also increasing staff retention.


When staff are empowered, supported and the whole team is working towards common goals, everyone benefits.

Consulting Services

We offer advice and guidance to improve the quality of care for people living with dementia, tailored to meet your specific goals and needs. Whether you require a one-time consulting session or an entire program to assist in transforming your culture of care we can assist you.

Our programs create sustainable organizational change by developing learning cultures with ongoing Best Practices.  We help you create vibrant, empathic and empowered teams.  

  • Develop processes, systems and Best Practices to provide excellent outcomes for people with dementia

Build teams with the insight and passion to create positive environments for people with dementia



“I attended several Alzheimers/Dementia trainings. This was by far the best! Very engaging. Interactive. Great enthusiasm”

Michelle / Colorado Springs, CO

“It was better than I expected. I was afraid it would be all Power Points but, it was very hands-on. I liked acting out each activity.”

Jim / Monument, CO

“Instructor incredibly knowledgeable, energetic, connects with audience, genuine and has real life experience to back up information. Also, you weren’t telling them to change everything they’re doing but be aware and share new techniques. Personal life stories make a huge difference when trying to connect with your audience. I LOVED the real life examples and practicing with each other.”

Olivia / Colorado Springs

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