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Consulting Services

We offer advice and support to improve the quality of care for people with dementia, customized to meet your goals and needs.  Whatever your organization’s needs to improve outcomes for people with Alzheimer’s/Dementia we can assist.

How We Do It

Our expert, experienced based advice and guidance helps ensure that your organization is meeting required standards and doing its best for people with dementia. Our development programs create sustainable, scalable organizational change by developing learning cultures with ongoing Best Practices.

The First Step

Meet with you and your management team to discuss your unique needs and requirements. We want to know what is important for you to achieve. After an initial complimentary consultation, we’ll suggest how we can help, capitalizing on your existing strengths and maximizing your resources.

What We Offer
  • We develop processes and systems to give excellent outcomes for people with dementia

  • Build teams with the insight and passion to create positive social environments for people with dementia

  • Create engaged, empathic and empowering communities

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